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Women's Day 2021
Celebrating over 45 years of Christian service.
We thank God for the women of Bell Yeager.


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 We celebrate the strength, power, passion, beauty, courage, and faith of women of Bell-Yeager Free Will Baptist Church. God made women in His image and likeness.  God chose the woman to lead, support, nourish, and deliver His glory to the earth.

We give reverence to every woman, who like the beautiful. Thoughtful, mindful, and powerful women of scripture continue to defy odds, banish stereotypes, and serve in the face of oppression and tradition.

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We praise God for the virtuous women who persevered through our yesterdays, influence our todays, and shape our tomorrows.  From the rib of man God created woman.  He has found favor in her and has sent her into the lives of every man and child.  God’s creation is man’s testimony of God’s never-ending love, grace, and mercy for His children. 

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